Flappy Dust


Fly, grab the jars of magic, and avoid the birds


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Flappy Dust is a platformer arcade game where you control a friendly character who has to collect jars of magic in order to continue flying. The problem is that along the way, you will run into hundreds of birds flying in the opposite direction.

Flappy Dust's mechanics lie somewhere between those of Flappy Bird and those of other games like Jetpack Joyride. You can jet through the air or plummet towards the ground, in addition to moving to the left or right through the air. And you'll have to do so quickly if you don't want the birds to run into you.

When a bird runs into you, the game is over. The goal is to get as many jars as possible before a bird puts an end to it all. You also have to be careful not to touch the ground and not to reach any of the edges of the screen, because the game will also be over then.

Flappy Dust is a good platformer with a nice esthetic and simple (but difficult) mechanics that are very addictive.
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